Printer Setup

Now all kind of Printers can be setup by Printer-Smart application.

LaserJet Printer

This voice-operated speaker is a smart device that follows your oral commands. Cylindrical in shape, Echo speaker runs on the Bluetooth and do innumerable actions such as placing orders on online shopping websites, streaming your favorite music, calling someone on your behalf, and a lot more.

All In One Printer

This small and lovely smart speaker is just a tiny version of Echo speaker, yet equally efficient. So, speak out the wake word and your command, Echo Dot will do it all like changing the temperature on your smart thermostat, tuning on and off the lights, playing stereo, placing and receiving voice calls, etc.

InkJet Printer

Let Echo Look be your personal style guide! This smart device features a camera to take your photos and suggest you afterwards what suits your style the most. Just activate it with a wake command and start off on your way to jazzing you style with this smart virtual assistant.

Tank Printer

It is a touch screen device that shows recipes, books, and many more on its hi-resolution screen. All you need is simply wake it up and ask it to do whatever you like, be it reading recipes and books, playing videos, calling someone via video call, and many other things to simplify your tasks.

Large Printer

This smart speaker wakes up on your tap and does exactly what you want it to do. The best feature is its in-built dual-stereo which all music freaks love. So, get ready and ask your Echo Tap to play your favorite sound track. It will start the action be accessing popular music apps like Spotify or Pandora.

Color LaserJet Printer

The Dolby auto-tuning system that’s attached in the Echo Plus makes it a favorite device of music lovers. So, why wait then! Just set up your voice and let it recognize your dialects. Once completed, just ask the speaker to play your song and it will do so in a fraction of seconds.

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Some Simple Steps to Rectify the Error of Printer

Blank Page Error

  • Check the estimated ink levels.
  • Load a plain white paper in the paper tray.
  • Touch the minus button (–) next to the setup (wrench) icon on the lower-left corner of the printer’s control panel.
  • Touch the Right Arrow button (>) to select Tools, and then touch OK.
  • Touch (>) again to select Estimated Ink Levels, and then touch OK. A figure will appear on the printer LCD screen, showing ink levels.
  • If any of the ink cartridges are low on ink, see the next step to replace them.
  • Load a plain white paper in the input tray, and press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  • Open the cartridge door. Wait until the printer turns silent and idle
  • Give a light press to the cartridge to release it. Pull it out.
  • Hold the new cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the printer. Insert it into its colour-coded slot until it snaps into place automatically.
  • Insert the tri-colour cartridge in the left slot and the black cartridge in the right slot. Close the cartridge door.
  • Now, align your printer’s cartridges. Follow the next few steps to do it. Ensure that the printer is turned on and a plain paper is loaded in the input tray.
  • Touch the minus button (–) next to the Setup (wrench) icon on the lower-left corner of the printer’s control panel.
  • Touch the Right Arrow button (>) to select Tools, and then touch OK. Touch the (>) button again to select Align Printer, and then touch OK.
  • The printer will print an alignment page.
  • Lift the printer lid. Place the alignment page (printed-side down) on the right-front corner of the scanner glass. Follow the engraved guide next to the scanner glass to load the alignment page.
  • Close the lid, and then press OK to finish the alignment command. Wait until the printer scans the alignment sheet and finishes the alignment process.

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